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Past Newsletters

YEC 24

Quarter 1 - 2024

In this update we reviewed the 2024 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. Progeny Youth Leaders give testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on proposed legislation to eliminate fines and fees for Kansas youth. Root the Power attended WEALTH day with Climate and Energy project and intern Naomi Madison was a panelist and she shares her experience. We also shared many other updates!

Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 10.35.07 AM.png

Quarter 4 - 2023

In this newsletter, Progeny talks about the importance of putting youth at the forefront of youth justice reform. Root the Power hosted a powerful Vote Mob where 3 of their interns voted for the first time! Camp Destination Innovation ended the year with the Kansas Youth Virtual Entrepreneurship Challenge which reaches youth all across Kansas. And so much more!


Quarter 3 - 2023

In this quarterly update, Progeny welcomes the new cohort of interns and hosted a youth leadership academy. Root the Power hosted their annual Rock the Block. Camp Destination Innovation wrap up their summer camp “Entrepreneurship in Technology”. Read more about all three of our programs!

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