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I believe that the "I am why" cohort found me just in time.

Updated: Mar 27

I believe that the "I am why" cohort found me just in time. I truly believe it changed my life. I was kind of spiraling in a bad way right before I found out about the cohort, dealing with alot of depression, and hardships. But the right person reached out to me and tagged me in a post urging people to apply and I was so intrigued. I've never been to a cohort before and I've never really been to any session that focused solely on women and mental health. I'm so glad that I did apply and grateful to be chosen to be a part of such an amazing experience. I went in so unsure but i left so motivated.

"I felt seen, and heard for the first time probably ever."

The cohort really changed my perspective on life when I think to myself "what was the turning point for me changing my life around?" It started with i am why. I felt seen, and heard for the first time probably ever. I cried and laughed we got deep and just really had wholesome conversations. I don't know any other way to describe such an epiphanic moment of "this is where I need to be" whether it was as a participant or helping facilitate; I just knew I needed to find myself in so many more healing spaces. I met wonderful women and forged what i'd like to believe are life long friendships. It was a true first step into my personal healing journey. From then I've had so many blessings of being a part of and working with other organizations that have similar components. I really hope I can be a part of more cohorts hosted by I am why in the future.

Destination Innovation collaborated with partner I Am Why to host this program. Learn more about I Am Why:

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